Top 5 Main Recommendations to Gain More Investors into ICO, HYIP

How to gain more investors into ICO, HYIP? Creating a buzz and publicity for your project such as ICO or HYIP is the key success. This is why you must lay emphasis not just on the technical and economic aspect of the project but even more on the marketing. 

There are some basic steps you need to take to put the project in front of the relevant audience, but to impress them depends on the quality of your offering and presentation. This is why you must make sure that you have packaged your project in the following ways.

Gain more investors into ICO HYIP

How to Gain More Investors into ICO, HYIP

Here we have 5 recommendations to gain more investors into ICO HYIP.

1. Add A Video Presentation To Your Project

It is important to know that adding a video to your project ensures that you effectively convey the information about your offering. This is so because some users have preference for videos while some would prefer written content.

Furthermore, having a video enables you to pass on more information in a short time. This reduces your bounce rate and increases your signups. An HYIP presentation video can help you look professional. Also, there are other ways you can improve your overall impression.

It is also important to note that search engines such as Google would take special note of your site if you embedded video in it. You’re actually pointing the page out to the engine that you mean business and have important information on it worth looking at.
Consequently, the robots would index and rank the page higher than another with similar content but without a video.

Thus, adding a video presentation is always going to help your project. Make sure you have a professional tone while creating such video presentation.

2. Press Releases

Press release is an important technique employed by businesses or projects in creating publicity about what they are doing. You should not discountenance it in your quest to create awareness for your project. Press release sites typically publish information about the ICO or HYIP on their sites. If the PR is news worthy, other news channels typically would pick it up and share. This increases the awareness about your project.

A press release is also another way to do your social media marketing. It gives you a more professional-looking tone. Content marketing is getting rather challenging. And day by day, people need to come up with new technologies to connect with clients.

So, going for a press release is a better way to get more clients. Especially, if you have everything organized and settled in your press release.

3. Bounties to Gain more investors in ICO HYIP

If you’re planning to sell tokens, it’s not a bad idea to create a bounty program to attract promoters within the cryptocurrency community. A bounty is an invitation to community members to help in the promotion of the project for rewards. These rewards are typically paid in your token.

This is a very cheap way of getting bloggers and different influencers to help spread words about the project. You can also incorporate airdrop in the bounty program by giving some free tokens to people who would help you create more publicity.

But the idea of attracting people using bounties helps a lot. More people will join the community if they find easy earning options. The more you offer, the better their experience over your ICO and HYIP will get.

4. Social Media Campaigns

The social media is a hub for networking and information dissemination. Launching a social media campaign is a good way to let investors know about your project.

However, it is important to note that for a campaign to be a success in terms of conversion, it is essential that the target be people who are interested in what you are promoting.So if you’re promoting a HYIP site, do not do so in dating groups.

Nowadays, you have to choose your social marketing campaigns based on the region you are targeting. Well, ICO is a worldwide platform, of course. However, you should have a specific region where the target audiences are the most.

So, pick the social media platform that you would want to invest your time the most. Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are the most popular social marketing options. There are other places you can create your account too.

Creating a flawless social marketing campaign can boost your ICO and HYIP business. Yes, there are some drawbacks you will find along the way. But that’s where your strategy comes in.

5. Listing Sites

There are sites that list ICOs or HYIP. You should get your program listed in such sites for greater awareness. They typically would charge for listing your project.

If you do so, your audience will start to trust you more. And ICO and HYIP projects need trust a lot. Without trust, no ICO or HYIP projects can succeed. Listing sites can help you gain more audience.

People are smarter these days. Thus, they would require a business to be more reliable and listed. Listed from trustworthy sites can always increase your reliability. Thus you can gain more investors into ICO HYIP.

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