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Press Release Copywriting

Press Release Copywriting – pay with Bitcoin(BTC). There are many businesses that are not aware of the potency of press releases as a tool to get their offers and activities out to the public. This is because only experienced businesses know that press release is a source of high-quality traffic.

Press releases are distinct from news articles in that it targets an important event, activity or service of the company. This is published on news and other related sites with the hope that many other channels would find it interesting and spread the information further.

Also, it is possible that news writers would rewrite the content and give it greater reach among readers. To craft effective press releases, it is important that you hire a good copywriter.

You can buy copywriting for bitcoin here. Some of our services include press release writing, copywriting for investment projects, writing services for ICO, and many more.

With the growth of the crypto industry and advancement in blockchain technology, there has been a spike in the demand for blockchain-related projects. Consequently, the attention of many investors is rising too. 

You can take advantage of this growth and expand your project outreach through effective press releases. We have made it convenient for all orders since you can pay with cryptocurrency.

We are aware that you may attempt crafting you PR in-house. However, the reason you should use an expert is to make sure that your press release has some punch in it that would interest news outlets to pick it up and share.

Publish your Press Release with us!

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